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Gold - Feel Good!

Gold is a beautiful thing. Gold has retained its value since before Roman times. While all paper-based currencies inflate their value away gold is solid, tangible, and its value is intrinsic. However, this page is dedicated not to the monetary value gold, but to the captivating sight of the world's most beautiful metal.

Ingots, Bars, Coins and nuggets. In whatever form you see it there is nothing more comforting than looking at something of such beauty. There is a dull lustre to gold. It is soft, unpolished and can even look slightly vulnerable. However part of its beauty lies in the knowledge that you can handle your piece of gold, let it become scratched or dented and yet know that its value is unaffected. In fact I think a scrappy ingot even gives an increased aura of invulnerability to all that is around it.


An ingot of FeinGold. The scratches, dents and indentations simply add character to this beautiful piece.

Gold is soft. It will quickly start to look like this if handled roughly - but unlike other metals it will not lose a cent of its value by being scratched.

With gold the only thing that matters is that it exists.

Gold coins are another fine way of owning a chuck of pure beauty. And purchasing coins is easy. There are a number of gold dealers spread all across the country and across the world. For a list of UK Dealers click here.


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